RATCH’s vision “To be a leading value-oriented integrated energy สมัคร พนัน ออนไลน์ in Asia-Pacific” showcases its commitment to driving the corporation toward its sustainable goals (economic, social, and environmental).

To this end, the approaches to sustainable development contained in RATCH’s Code of Conduct are highlighted below:

RATCH realizes that risk management is a key element underpinning corporate governance, which will take the organization to its goals and make business strategies materialize. Business efficiency will increase as a result. With a determination to achieve sustainable growth, RATCH set a goal to increase the organization’s value by expanding investment to raise its capacity to 10,000 MW by 2023, not just in Thailand but in Asia Pacific. RATCH is thus confident that risk management is an essential tool to ensure that investment will add value to the organization with security and sustainability.

Risk Management Process

The Board of Directors’ accountability is to assure stakeholders of positive corporate financial performance, business adaptation to changes and nurturing of good relationships with stakeholders.

Corporate Governance Structure

The Board of Directors establishes 5 sub-committees to closely oversee substantial issues particularly risk management and corporate governance. The sub-committees are supported by a working group consisting of high-level executives for maximum efficiency and effectiveness of operation. The sub-committees’ meeting minutes are reported for the Board’s consideration and the Board make decisions in economic, social and environmental issues.

Code of Conduct

RATCH provided 11 easy-to-understand business guidelines for promoting compliance. The said guidelines are in line with the Company’s rules and regulations and can properly respond to stakeholders’ needs.

Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy

RATCH determined its intention not to engage all forms of frauds and corruption, directly and indirectly, in doing business with the public sector or the private sector. All personnel, including directors, executives to employees are prohibited to request, commit or accept fraud and corruption to benefit themselves, their families, friends and acquaintances. The anti-fraud policy’s guidelines cover the following main aspects.

Reporting and Complaint Channels

RATCH has established channels for reports or complaints from internal and external stakeholders who are affected by the Company’s operations or the acts by executives and employees which breach the Code of Conduct or related laws.

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